Kids fashion portrait | Warwickshire

by Birmingham wedding photographer MmwStudio

This is a kids photography session I took in our fairly small garden. Sadly we live in a different house now and it doesn’t have even a the garden like that :(
By showing a few outdoor photo shoots I want to show you how a little space can be used for kids or family photography. Now I really would like you to look around is there a space you really like? Do you want your child to have a memorable time there? Do you want them to remember it? That’s what we’re about!
This cute model is my daughter Maja and she is one of my “show off” models (she basically helps me choose her outfits and is one of my only models that you class as older kids).
What is really good in my photography work, that my fantastic daughter might help me with youngsters and play with others and I can tell you that She likes it!

All the pictures were taken in our garden in Warwickshire.
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